Earnbitmoon Club From Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now. Earn Up To 0.00058 BTC

Earnbitmoon Club From Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now. Earn Up To 0.00058 BTC

Earnbitmoon Club, a recently launched faucet, has garnered a substantial following of devoted users. Despite its newcomer status, Earnbitmoon Club exhibits promising potential as an emerging website. Users find navigating Earnbitmoon Club to be intuitive, and we anticipate it will enhance the overall user experience.

Remarkably, Earnbitmoon Club accommodates users who prefer making claims at their own pace, whether frequent or infrequent. It serves as a comprehensive platform, offering free access to Bitcoin through its faucet, PTC, Ads, Shortlinks, and Offerwalls features, making it a versatile resource for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Table of Contents

1. What is Earnbitmoon Club?
2. How Does Earnbitmoon Club Work?
3. How to Register in Earnbitmoon Club?
4. How to Earn on Earnbitmoon Club?
5. Is Earnbitmoon Club a Scam?
6. How Much Can I Earn FromEarnbitmoon Club?
7. Earnbitmoon Club Referral Program
8. How to Withdraw on Earnbitmoon Club?
10. FAQs
What is Two Factor Authentication?
Can I Open Multiple Account in Earnbitmoon Club?
What is the Minimum Withdrawal Limit?

What is Earnbitmoon Club?

Earnbitmoon Club operates as a pay-per-click platform where user registration grants access to view and earn Bitcoin from various advertisements. Unlike some other platforms, you don’t need to constantly monitor the homepage for available ads throughout the day. Instead, you can conveniently earn Bitcoin while watching YouTube, as ads are accessible at any time. Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn free money every 5 minutes and simultaneously receive a generous 40% commission.

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How Does Earnbitmoon Club Work?

Earnbitmoon Club, whether accessed through a website or application, offers users the opportunity to earn small amounts of Bitcoin by engaging in various activities or completing tasks. Tasks can include quizzes, watching advertisements, or validating verification codes.

Upon task completion, Earnbitmoon Club rewards users with satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, which is equivalent to a fraction of a single Bitcoin. While these amounts may seem modest, they gain significant value over time due to Bitcoin’s increasing price.

The concept of Bitcoin faucets originated in 2010 when Galvin Anderson created the first one as a promotional tool to spread awareness about BTC. It’s astonishing to note that some early faucets rewarded users with up to five whole Bitcoins! Most faucets generate revenue through website advertisements.

As the website’s traffic grows, so does its revenue, ultimately resulting in more substantial rewards for users. Interestingly, website owners often pay out rewards not in Bitcoin but in real assets like gold and silver, which they acquire using the website’s income.

How to Register in Earnbitmoon Club?

It’s simple to register and you just need to use a gmail email, hotmail, or outlook to receive the confirmation email!

How to Earn on Earnbitmoon Club?

The Earnbitmoon Club offers five different bonuses, as follows:

  • Daily Bonus

The Earnbitmoon Club offers a Daily Bonus to users who consistently receive Bitcoin rewards. The Daily Bonus increases by 1 coin every day you claim it, with a maximum limit of 30 coins. This bonus is available as long as you maintain daily activity. Users adhering to this routine will also receive an extra reward when applying for Bitcoin rewards over several consecutive days.

  • Faucets
Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

You can claim FREE Coins every 5 minutes through Earnbitmoon Club Faucet.

  • View Ads
Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

To earn credits, click the “Visit” button next to the websites listed on this page, then wait for the countdown. It’s important to visit one website at a time to ensure you receive credit. These websites can be visited once daily, and after you’ve visited all of them, you can revisit them after midnight. Additionally, you have the option to promote your own website or affiliate URL on the platform.

  • Short Links
Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

Earn Coins by completing these shortlinks one at a time. Attempting multiple shortlinks simultaneously isn’t allowed. You can revisit each shortlink daily, with your views resetting at 00:00 every day.

Is Earnbitmoon Club a Scam?

Earnbitmoon Club Review

Earnbitmoon Club is a legitimate cryptocurrency website, and there is no initial deposit required for registration. With a user base exceeding 10 million, its legitimacy is hard to dispute. However, it’s important to note that the earning potential on Earnbitmoon Club is relatively limited. Additionally, lottery-based games have garnered numerous complaints. In reality, to generate significant earnings on Earnbitmoon Club, you would need to invest a substantial amount of time and accumulate many referrals.

How Much Can I Earn FromEarnbitmoon Club?

Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

To be straightforward, the earnings potential from Earnbitmoon Club is limited. Even with the highest paying faucet, you can only earn $0.002 per faucet claim, allowing for approximately 20.04 claims daily, totaling up to $0.04 per day and $1.20 per month. If you aspire to boost your income, consider utilizing the Earnbitmoon Club’s referral program.

By recommending others to visit the Earnbitmoon Club website, you can secure a generous 40% commission. What’s even more enticing is that you can enjoy a lifelong commission from the claims made by your referrals.

Earnbitmoon Club Referral Program

Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

Depending on your activity and engagement level, after signing up and verifying your account via email, you have the opportunity to enhance your faucet and account capabilities. This allows you to earn a larger percentage of referral income and increase your daily claims frequency. Moreover, the Earnbitmoon Club offers competitions, PTC activities, and other valuable features, positioning itself as a leading platform for earning Bitcoin and gaining insight into the cryptocurrency realm.

How to Withdraw on Earnbitmoon Club?

Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

Currently, Earnbitmoon Club facilitates cash withdrawals through various methods, including Faucetpay, Direct Wallet, and Payeer. While Earnbitmoon Club lacks contact information, their terms and conditions specify that withdrawal processing may take up to a week after submission. Importantly, all transaction fees associated with processing withdrawal requests are covered by the platform.


Earnbitmoon Club represents a promising addition to the world of faucets. Its user-friendly interface and sleek design make it exceptionally convenient to navigate. While it remains uncertain whether Earnbitmoon Club will introduce other cryptocurrencies or additional features in the future, we recommend giving it a try in its current form. Rest assured, we are dedicated to keeping you informed through updates and payment confirmations. Our commitment is to promote legitimate cryptocurrency faucets and maintain transparency, especially in the event of any issues on the Earnbitmoon Club website.


What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an added layer of security for your account. Enabling 2FA requires you to enter a PIN generated on your mobile device whenever you log in to the website, ensuring the safety of your account.

Can I Open Multiple Account in Earnbitmoon Club?

No, Multiple accounts will be all suspended.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Limit?

Minimum withdrawal amout for FaucetPay, Payeer is $0.20 and for direct withdrawal to your account it is $7.00.


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