How to Make $100 Money Using Pinterest

How to Make $100 Money Using Pinterest

As a prominent social media platform known for media-sharing, Pinterest boasts a vast user base of 433 million active members globally. In this article, we will delve into seven distinct approaches to leveraging Pinterest for profitable endeavors.

How to make money on Pinterest

Here are some ways that you can make money on Pinterest:

1. Develop a Pinterest skill and monetize it

Pinterest offers a multitude of learning avenues, catering to diverse skillsets. Whether you’re interested in creating and monetizing a podcast or showcasing your talents through pins, Pinterest has you covered.

From knitting and crocheting to photography, graphic design, virtual assistance, and more, you can acquire various skills and turn them into lucrative ventures. To get started, assess the market demand for your chosen skill on Pinterest. If there’s a viable audience, you’re all set to leverage your expertise and sell your services using pins.

2. Affiliate marketing

Numerous brands and enterprises actively seek affiliate partners who can promote their products in exchange for commissions. Many of these businesses are a natural fit for your content and target audience. Here’s how you can tap into this opportunity:

  1. Identify Potential Affiliate Opportunities: Begin by searching for businesses that align with your content and appeal to your audience.
  2. Reach Out and Apply for Affiliate Programs: Contact these businesses and express your interest in becoming an affiliate marketer for their products or services. Request to join their affiliate programs.
  3. Promote Products on Your Pinboards with Affiliate Links: Once accepted as an affiliate, showcase their products on your Pinterest boards using unique affiliate links. These links attribute any subsequent purchases to your referrals.
  4. Earn Commissions: When customers or clients make purchases through your affiliate links, you’ll earn a portion of the profits as a commission.

By following these steps, you can effectively partner with brands and monetize your Pinterest presence by earning commissions for sales generated through your affiliate links.

3. Create sponsored content

Similar to affiliate marketing, sponsored content involves promoting and advertising for other businesses. However, there’s a key distinction between the two. While affiliate marketing relies on your performance, sponsored content does not.

In most cases, businesses are willing to advance you more than half of the agreed-upon payment even before you commence promoting their products or services. The trade-off here is that you typically need a substantial and engaged audience to attract deals from prominent, high-paying brands.

Once you’ve built a substantial following on Pinterest, actively seek out companies within your niche and approach them for sponsorship opportunities. Present them with an enticing proposal they can’t resist, offering to feature their brand prominently on your Pinterest account for an agreed-upon duration.

4. Sell your products

How about selling your own merchandise? In addition to providing services on Pinterest, you also have the opportunity to sell your products, whether they are branded or unbranded.

Depending on the niche you’ve established for your Pinterest account, you can offer related products for sale and retain all the profits for yourself.

5. Help other Pinterest users shop your look

Close to half of Pinterest users enjoy shopping, both within and beyond the platform, making it an excellent avenue to market your digital brand effectively.

“Shop the Look” is another lucrative method for monetizing your presence on Pinterest. With this approach, you can profit from promoting the products you already wear and use.

Once you’ve established your Pinterest account, start creating “Shop the Look” pins featuring the items you endorse. If a user expresses interest and makes a purchase through your provided link, you’ll receive a portion of the sale as a commission.

6. Teach other people how to make money on Pinterest

Here’s an alternative method to generate income on Pinterest. If you’re not inclined towards affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship, or similar avenues, this approach offers a reliable way to earn.

If your Pinterest strategies have yielded positive results, consider capitalizing on your expertise by teaching fellow users what you’ve mastered. Develop courses and e-books that share your knowledge about earning money on Pinterest and offer them for sale. This allows you to monetize your expertise and help others succeed on the platform.

7. Get paid by Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest offers a rewarding opportunity for its content creators?

Introducing the Pinterest Creator Rewards program, a new initiative designed to compensate content creators for their inspirational and actionable content. Pinterest will periodically announce fresh objectives through the Creator Hub.

Each announcement will define specific engagement targets, such as achieving a certain number of saves, reactions, or interactions on your Idea Pins. Upon successfully meeting these engagement goals, you will find your rewards deposited into your bank account the following month.

As of now, Pinterest Creator Rewards is undergoing testing with a select group of creators. They plan to expand the program by including more participants, so it’s advisable to stay tuned to the Creator Hub for updates.

Once the program opens for applications, eligible creators will discover an application button within the Pinterest app’s Creator Hub. This will be your opportunity to join and start reaping the benefits of the Pinterest Creator Rewards program.


Many content creators see Pinterest as a media-sharing platform and nothing more. This isn’t so hard to see, as it isn’t as flashy as Instagram and the others. While that may be true to some extent, lots of people are making money on Pinterest, and you too can.


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