Earn Up To $3.5. CoinPayU Review [5 Things To Be Wary Of] Earn Up To $3.5

Earn Up To $3.5. CoinPayU Review [5 Things To Be Wary Of] Earn Up To $3.5

In my review of CoinPayU, I must confess that while I found the platform enticing during the writing process, I also have five compelling reasons to caution you to exercise caution and think twice when considering its use.

CoinPayU Review Summary

Offerings: CoinPayU is a Paid-to-Click platform that enables members to earn cryptocurrencies by viewing ads and completing tasks.

Best For: Individuals who can commit to keeping their accounts active, even if the compensation is relatively low.

Recommendation: Not recommended.

What Is Coinpayu.com About: CoinPayU provides members with options for viewing ads and receiving payment for their participation.

Overall Rating: 8/100

Summary: CoinPayU boasts that its members receive payments and can make withdrawals from their wallets. While this is a positive indicator, it’s essential to remember that payment alone doesn’t guarantee legitimacy. Users should exercise caution, conduct thorough due diligence, and participate on the platform within its established boundaries.

What Is CoinPayU.Com About?

CoinPayU provides users with an opportunity to acquire various cryptocurrencies by compensating members for viewing advertisements. Users receive different amounts of satoshis (with one satoshi equivalent to one millionth of a bitcoin) and can redeem their earnings once they accumulate 10,000 satoshis.

Team Behind CoinPayU

Without any public record of the owner and founders of CoinPayU here is what their About Us page tells us:

CoinPayU’s mission aligns with the fundamental objective of the birth of decentralized cryptocurrency systems, which is to empower individuals with financial freedom. Their mission embodies a youthful and clever ethos.

Now, let’s delve into their compensation plan for users:

85% of CoinPayU’s revenue goes back to the users.

CoinPayU’s ingenuity lies in its platform concept, where it generates its primary revenue stream through advertising while simultaneously allowing users to benefit from viewing these ads.

However, despite this innovative approach, a crucial question lingers: Is CoinPayU genuinely legitimate, or are we simply captivated by its allure? The absence of comprehensive information about its creators and teams, along with the seemingly overly advantageous offer, raises significant concerns in my evaluation.

A deeper look beyond CoinPayU

For this part of our CoinPayU review, let’s look at the domain age and backlinks of the website so we can gauge its credibility.

Domain Age

CoinPayU was registered in 2017.

Because I couldn’t find any information about CoinPayU, I attempted to explore their other social media profiles to make a comparison with their website. To my surprise, when I examined their Twitter profile, it indicated that the account had been created in 2013:

Ad Viewing

CoinPayU offers members three distinct methods to earn their Satoshis by viewing ads:

  1. Surf Ads: You can click on the ad link, which will open a new window. You have the option to view the tab or remain on the CoinPayU Dashboard until the timer expires. Here is a video tutorial demonstrating how to view surf ads.
  2. Window Ads: Click on the ad link and remain on the newly opened tab without switching to other tabs until the timer concludes. Here is a video tutorial illustrating how to view Window Ads:
  3. Video Ads- Play the Video, stay on the page until the timer runs out then click Visit Website.

One significant challenge with these ads is that many of the promoted websites feature alluring calls to action that could lead users to believe they must perform additional tasks. For instance, a website might display a pop-up stating, “Play to Earn $46!” Instead of patiently waiting for the timer to expire, a new member might mistakenly sign up for the website, anticipating that the promised reward applies to the CoinPayU platform.

To address this issue effectively, it would be highly beneficial for CoinPayU to provide clear advisories or warnings to new members before they engage with these ads. However, it remains uncertain whether CoinPayU actively takes measures to prevent users from falling into such traps on external websites.

Cryptocurrency Faucets

CoinPayU currently offers faucets (small amount of free cryptocurrencies) every hour for the following cryptocoins:

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Doge
  • Tron
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Binance Coin
  • BitTorrent
  • Cardano
  • Solana
  • Shiba Inu

A user can only claim 3-6 Faucets daily depending on their level of membership. For Standard (Free) members maximum faucets is 3.


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