AdBTC Top functions as a no-cost platform for accumulating cryptocurrencies, employing the pay-per-click (PPC) model. Participants are simply required to observe advertisements and concise links on the platform, thereby generating cryptocurrency rewards. In contrast to analogous profit-generating platforms, AdBTC Top stands out by offering a higher amount of Satoshi compensation for each advertisement viewed.

By perusing this AdBTC assessment, you can promptly determine whether enrolling in AdBTC is the right decision for you. This review provides a comprehensive exploration of all pertinent facets, affording you an intimate understanding of the platform.

Table of Contents

  • What is AdBTC Top?
  • How Does AdBTC Top Work?
  • How to Register in AdBTC Top?
  • How to Earn on AdBTC Top?
    • Surfing Advertisement
    • Active Window Surfing
    • Autosurfing
    • Referral Program
  • Is AdBTC Top a Scam?
  • How Much Can I Earn From AdBTC Top?
  • About AdBTC Top Referral Program
  • How to Withdrawal from AdBTC Top?
  • Conclusion

What is AdBTC Top?

AdBTC Top operates as a Bitcoin-based Paid-to-Click (PTC) platform. Website proprietors across diverse domains employ AdBTC Top as a means to promote their sites and attract visitor traffic. Simultaneously, individuals engaged with AdBTC Top browse these advertised websites. In reciprocation, AdBTC Top allocates a portion of the advertising expenditure to its user base.

In essence, AdBTC Top functions as an intermediary connecting website proprietors with their visitors. Consider the prospect of engaging with this platform. Your involvement entails exploring various websites, for which you receive compensation ranging from 2 to 24 Satoshi per visit. In exchange, your engagement period on these sites typically spans 15 to 60 seconds. Notably, the platform boasts a 100% reliability rating.

How Does AdBTC Top Work?

AdBTC Top functions as a pay-to-click (PTC) online platform, providing users with compensation in Bitcoin for engaging with advertisements. The website offers its services in both the Russian and English languages.

According to the company’s statement, the platform is overseen by a Russian proprietor. Additionally, upon investigation, we discovered that the domain URL was registered back in 2016.

Details concerning the site’s owner are relatively limited. Nonetheless, this occurrence is frequently observed in the realm of websites associated with cryptocurrency faucets or online income-generation platforms.

How to Register in AdBTC Top?

After successfully completing the necessary registration, you can begin using the AdBTC service.

Let’s start by registering for AdBtc Top. On the main page of the site, click on the “Register” button.

Filling out the registration form is the next step. To create a personal account on AdBTC, you need to complete 5 simple steps:

  1. Kindly input your present email address. Please note that the email address provided cannot be altered in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to supply an email address that you frequently use.
  • 2. Furnish the Bitcoin address – the wallet destination where your earned Satoshis will be deposited. Notably, this website collaborates with the Faucethub service, facilitating withdrawals with lower thresholds and supporting all Bitcoin wallets.
  • For enhanced security, the service recommends the utilization of intricate, distinct passwords that are not employed in other applications.
  • Tick the “I’m not a robot” checkbox.
  • Proceed by clicking the “Register” button.
  • To finalize the registration process, your email address must be validated. Click on the “Confirm” button, as indicated in the provided screenshot. The service will dispatch an email containing a confirmation code, which you are required to input in the subsequent window. Conclude the registration by selecting “Confirm.”
  • Moreover, the administration of the AdBTC website issues a cautionary statement, explicitly prohibiting the creation of more than one account for an individual user. Engaging in VPN usage, multiple registrations, or other tactics to circumvent this regulation is also explicitly disallowed. Violation of these terms will result in the suspension of all accounts without any possibility of restitution.
  • Following your registration with AdBTC Top, you will need to use your chosen username and password to access the AdBTC website, enabling entry into your personal account. Let’s explore the functionalities it offers.

How to Earn on AdBTC Top?

To accurately evaluate AdBTC’s earning potential, it’s essential to begin by understanding the avenues through which you can generate income from this platform. The various methods to profit from AdBTC are outlined below.

Surfing Advertisement

Navigate to the “Surfing Advertisement” option located in the left sidebar. Upon clicking, complete the reCAPTCHA verification process, leading you to the first link. Click to open the link, and a new tab will display the desired page. As the timer starts running at the top of the Adbtc interface for the specified viewing duration, engage with the content. Upon completion, you will receive payment for your interaction.

Active Window Surfing

Adbtc presents webpages within its site interface. Once each page fully loads, you have the opportunity to view it for a specified duration of seconds. To proceed to the next advertisement, you need to actively click at the top of the page. It’s worth noting that the primary content available on Adbtc is centered around surfing advertisements.


Here’s a rephrased version:

When you open a web page in a new tab, you’re rewarded with small Satoshis for each page you browse. Simply leave the tab open, and the next page will load automatically. (In my testing, I found that Adbtc offers more Surfing ads than Autosurf.)

For every website you visit or advertisement you click on, you’ll earn what’s referred to as “satoshis,” which is the website’s native currency. If you’re unfamiliar with satoshis, they are the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Currently, as of writing this, one dollar is roughly equivalent to 13,300 satoshis.

You have the option to withdraw the satoshis you’ve earned through the Bitcoin micropayment platform FaucetHub. Alternatively, you can choose to send them to your Bitcoin address. Another option is to convert them into your ad balance, which can be used to pay for advertising on the website.

Referral Program

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to extend invitations to others for signing up and logging into the platform. As a token of appreciation, a portion of the earnings they generate from AdBTC will be credited to you.

For each individual you refer to AdBTC as a member, you will receive 10% of their surfing revenue. It’s important to note that AdBTC, not you, bears the cost of this referral commission.

Inviting someone is a straightforward process. You can simply send them your referral link, or if you have a website, you can embed your referral banner there.

It’s worth mentioning that receiving compensation for referrals is contingent on whether the individuals you refer remain active on the platform. While it doesn’t demand significant effort, it serves as a nice bonus. However, despite its simplicity, earning substantial rewards may necessitate inviting a significant number of friends.

Is AdBTC Top a Scam?

Adbtc Top is indeed a legitimate platform where users have the opportunity to earn money and obtain Bitcoin. The positive feedback from users who have successfully earned and withdrawn their earnings attests to its credibility. Many individuals have accumulated significant amounts of Bitcoin through this platform, further establishing its legitimacy as a means of income generation.

How Much Can I Earn From AdBTC Top?

As you can observe, your earnings on adbtc top are in Bitcoin, not traditional currency. However, for some individuals, Bitcoin holds a value akin to real money. Nevertheless, it’s important to manage expectations and not anticipate substantial earnings from adbtc top. Each advertisement clicked or website visited typically yields rewards in the range of 10 to 40 satoshis.

While one could argue that the effort required for earnings is minimal, the key consideration is that you would need to visit hundreds of such websites to accumulate a single dollar. Given that each website visit consumes a certain amount of time, it becomes evident that it takes a considerable amount of time to amass a noteworthy sum of money from this platform.

In summary, the income potential on adbtc top is relatively modest. To earn a significant amount, you’ll need to invest a substantial amount of time. If you’re specifically seeking a platform to earn Bitcoin, adbtc top can be an option worth exploring.

Your daily earnings on this platform will be contingent on the availability of advertisements. As indicated in the image above, many users earn over 200 satoshis per day, and sometimes even more than 400 satoshis daily. Higher scores result in more available advertisements. For context, I earned 131 satoshis today. It’s safe to say that you can earn a minimum of 120 satoshis per day from this website, and it will only take approximately 10 minutes of your time.

About AdBTC Top Referral Program

In the “Recommended Market,” you’ll find a feature that, while not entirely novel in this industry, remains quite remarkable. Any user who refers others to adbtc can offer those referrals for sale within seven days of their registration. These referrals are placed within their dedicated recommendation market, where fellow members have the option to purchase them.

It’s worth noting that referrals in this market can be highly sought after. In fact, we’ve seen some referrals sell for as much as 500,000 Satoshi. This means that obtaining certain referrals directly through registratioHow to Withdrawal from AdBTC Top?n may not always be feasible. In such cases, users often opt to purchase referrals from other members within the marketplace.

How to Withdrawal from AdBTC Top?

The minimum withdrawal threshold on adbtc top is set at 1000 satoshis. At this point, you have the option to withdraw your earnings to one of four wallets: faucet payment (by creating a faucet account), ExpressCrypto, Payeer, or any Bitcoin address.

For optimal flexibility, I recommend using faucetpay. The primary advantage of using faucetpay is that it allows you to consolidate small payments received in various currencies from different websites into a specific currency of your choice.

To illustrate, let’s say you receive payments from three different websites in three different currencies: $0.75 in Bitcoin from the first site, $0.80 in Ethereum from the second site, and $0.50 in Dogecoin from the third site. Individually, these amounts may be too small for individual withdrawals. However, you can use faucetpay to convert these three currencies into a single currency of your preference. Faucetpay offers this currency exchange service for as low as $0.01, providing a convenient and cost-effective means to manage your earnings.


I’ve conducted a thorough review of adbtc top and substantiated its authenticity through a payment certificate. However, the question remains: is adbtc top a worthwhile investment of your time? With a substantial number of daily advertisements and competitive compensation, I believe this website is indeed worth your time. It boasts user-friendliness and efficiency, requiring minimal time commitment since you can engage in other activities while watching advertisements.

A common issue encountered with many PTC websites is the requirement to remain focused on the site for extended periods. This implies that you cannot multitask or attend to other activities simultaneously, which can be quite limiting. However, adbtc top offers the convenience of completing tasks at your own pace. You have the freedom to engage in other tasks during the countdown and then seamlessly proceed to the next advertisement. This feature greatly enhances the user experience.

If adbtc top piques your interest and you wish to explore it further, I encourage you to register at your earliest convenience!


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